We bring marketing expertise to VC.

We are looking for:

Funds for co-investment

Late Seed (Series A) startups

AdTech projects

B2C projects

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AdFirst is a company designed to co-invest with other VCs in early and expansion stage start-ups. Along with investments, we provide strategic marketing expertise.

Our focus is participation in funding rounds with other VCs as a partner and marketing expert. Our strong side is deep understanding of promoting B2C, AdTech, E-commerce business.

We have broad professional network, which allows us to work with world best marketing experts and advisors.


Product - Marketing Due Diligence

For VC's, we can provide support programs for the projects according to lead investor estimates from $ 100,000 to $ 500,000 in the first round and up to $ 1,000,000 at subsequent stages.

During Marketing Due Diligence, we perform ads tests for start-ups and help the investor evaluate the reachable audience, check the marketing competencies of the team, and reduce the cost of attracting customers. Testing allows to confirm the company's capitalization and eliminate marketing risks. In the future, we oversee the marketing strategy of the project in order to control KPI.

Tests are conducted free of charge both for projects and for investors if the AdFirst team is interested in investing Cases. All tests are subject to the agreement or Memorandum of Understanding between the parties.

Test algorithm:

  1. Analysis of current marketing activities and metrics. Providing test strategy.
  2. Providing ad campaigns and select of best lead generating channel.
  3. Report for investors and startup



    4-time growth of number of leads per day;

    Decrease in the cost of leads by 2 times;

    Found optimal channels for attracting traffic with a large audience;

    Updated marketing strategy

Boost your project with AdFirst:


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  • Digital business
  • Worldwide business
  • MVP
  • Proved marketing metrics

We are looking for:

  • Late Seed (Series A) startups
  • AdTech projects
  • B2C projects
  • Mass demand internet projects

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    Omonia Avenue No. 19, 2nd Floor, Office 203, Constantinides Building, 3052 Limassol, Cyprus